Cykel Demonstration med FFF Lund, Bike protest with FFF Lund

Start: Saturday, November 27, 202112:00 PM

End: Saturday, November 27, 2021 2:00 PM

English below.

Hej alla!

Var med i Lunds cyceklstrejk kl 1200 till 1400  på lördagen den 27 november. FridaysforFuture, student grupper, flera är med. Ha det kul medan vi cyklar genom Lund med våra skyltar som uppmärksammar klimatet. Många kommer med plakat om att inte bredda E22 och att ifrågasätta E22 beslutet.

Vi samlas kl. 12 vid Stortorget för ett avkopplat åk geneom Lund, förbi E22,  sedan tillbaka till Stortorget.

Bjud in din vänner också!

Du kan anmälla dig till cyckelstrejken här på högersidan!

50% of Lund Municipality's greenhouse gas emission come from transport, and transport emissions have only decreased by 10% since 1990. On 27 November, we are   taking to the streets to demand a change, and to protest against the expansion of the E22 highway.

We will set out from Stortorget at 12:00, bike slowly around the E22, and back to Stortorget. The route is around 6 km long. Join us on your bike, and be sure to bring a sign to draw attention to climate change and its impacts!

Covid Safety Measures:

  • maintain a safe distance to other protest participants
  • cycle in groups of no more than 8
  • stay at home if you feel sick
  • masks are recommended

To read more about why we need to stop the expansion of the E22 highway, visit the petition at or find information at and

Feel free to sign up here on the right to get information on the event or to help!

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