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Host Guidelines - Dance for Snow - Day of Climate Action

Colorado is at record low snowpacks, 10-20% in some regions of the state. Although studies show that 70% of Coloradans believe climate change is real, only 40% believe they will ever be impacted. It’s time to change that Narrative, we need #ClimateActionNow in all levels of our government. We’re bringing together a statewide action to dance for the climate and make Colorado snow again! The main goal? Encourage local elected officials, candidates and organizations to sign onto the Colorado People’s Climate Justice Platform. On February 24 we will gather across Colorado in action to pressure local candidates and leaders to endorse bold climate policy and to #MakeColoradoSnowAgain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many cultures around the world have historically danced for snow, rain, in need or in celebration. Dance is part of our human experience and expression across cultures. We encourage everyone to be very respectful of others’ cultural traditions and not attempt to imitate other cultural dances outside of your own. If your culture already has a snow dance - great, use it! If not, please be creative and choreograph your own!
Host an event in your community or get together in your backyard, on the slopes or in your office with your neighbors, friends and family and show off your best moves in the name of climate action!

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