Demand a Gift Ban! Non-Violent Direct Action - Harrisburg

Start: Wednesday, June 09, 202111:00 AM

Our legislators continue to fail us by refusing to pass a Gift Ban, a popular, straightforward, anti-corruption reform. They intentionally put their greed above our needs, making it impossible for us to trust them to serve the public and address the crises too many Pennsylvanians face every day.

If we want Harrisburg to be responsible and responsive to what the public wants and needs, we MUST make corruption illegal.

Now is the time to demand  Senate President Jake Corman and State Legislature finally pass a Gift Ban! Join us in Harrisburg on June 9th for non-violent direct action to make this demand loud and clear.

***Meet at 11:00 AM on the front steps of the Capitol Building.***

Be sure to RSVP so we can update you with additional details directly.

Pennsylvania is 1 of 8 states with no gift Ban. For over four years, MarchOnHarrisburg has been working to make corruption illegal in Pennsylvania because as long as lobbyists can gift our elected officials cars, cash, vacations, and more, the voice of the people will not be heard in our government, our problems will continue to go unsolved, and Pennsylvanians will continue to unnecessarily struggle and suffer. Read about the decades-long fight for a Gift Ban here.

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