Doing Time in Elmira - Poor People's Hearing

Start: Friday, April 05, 2019 6:00 PM

In 2019, the work continues. We have a long way to go to creating a vision of America where the most vulnerable in this country are heard. At our events, we are organizing so our political leaders will know about the power of a new and unsettling force that is organizing across this country. They will hear our demands!

We will not let politicians hold power in this country without talking about systemic racism, including voter suppression the attacks on immigrant and native communities, and the mass criminalization and incarceration of our communities; without talking about systemic poverty and the necessity of programs of social uplift; without talking about the war economy and ecological devastation that are blighting our people and the places we live; without talking about the distorted moral narrative that ignores the needs of the people.

Elmira, NY will be one of the first stops on the NYS Poor People's Campaign National Emergency Freedom School Bus Tour across this great state! We will have a chance to tell the world the TRUTH about Elmira and how the pillars of evil intersect! Join us now so we can move #ForwardTogetherNotOneStepBack!