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Host Guidelines - JUNE 4TH: OUR Walmart National Strike Day & Action on Inequality

We want to persuade Walmart to stop retaliating against Walmart associates for speaking out, and highlight the issue of Walmart’s poverty wages deepening income inequality and call on Walmart to raise workers’ wages to $25,000 a year. We'll do this by visiting stores all across the country and talking to thousands of customers!

Before you sign up to host, we want to be specific about what that means. In signing up to host, it means that you're willing to be the designated leader for an action at your store. That means registering your event, communicating with people that sign up to come to the same Walmart store, and coordinating things like printing materials, making sure there's a meet up spot, and such. Think of it like being a party planner.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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