Earth Day Live Sacramento

Start: Friday, April 24, 202012:00 PM

End: Saturday, April 25, 202012:00 AM

Livestream will be viewable at

On April 22-24, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, millions of people around the world are going online for a three-day mobilization to stop the climate emergency. Here in Sacramento, we are joining that effort with a 12 hour long livestream on Friday the 24th. This event will cultivate interaction, education, entertainment, and awareness in an attempt to provide a community-based response to the related problems of climate change and COVID-19.

The livestream will be preceded by and include extensive fundraising efforts for local organizations and charities providing community-based responses to the coronavirus. The livestream will include educational and public health content on the coronavirus, the climate crisis, and how they are interrelated. It is more important now than ever to recognize and understand the intersectionality of the climate crisis and the way it interacts with almost all issues (including the COVID-19 Pandemic). It will also include speeches and calls-to-action from climate activists and organizations. The livestream will include engagement with local government and politicians in the form of Q&A sessions and virtual town halls. It will, of course, also include entertainment and other light-hearted fare. This will include performances from local musicians, music from local radio stations, online games and challenges, appearances by local celebrities, and more. Finally, we will tie everything together by providing healthy ways to cope in the face of confusing times and aim to promote solidarity and overall wellbeing throughout the community. This will be done by partnering with local wellness and health organizations to provide things like guided meditations, groundings, and general messages of hope and unity.

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