Ohio Election Protection Summit

Start: Saturday, July 13, 202410:00 AM

End: Saturday, July 13, 2024 3:00 PM

Location:League of Women Voters of Ohio (new) Offices471 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215 US

Host Contact Info: Greer Aeschbury: greer@allvotingislocal.org

Join us to celebrate, connect, & prepare for November 2024:

We invite all poll workers, Election Protection volunteers & Peacekeepers to our inaugural

Election Protection Summit.

The Summit will include joint sessions, keynote, lunch, and breakouts.

Please read the descriptions of the breakout sessions below:

1. **Poll Workers**:

Join this session to delve into the critical role of poll workers in ensuring the smooth functioning of elections. From setting up polling stations to assisting voters and overseeing the voting process, poll workers are the backbone of election administration. Discover the essential tasks, challenges they face, and best practices for recruiting, training, and supporting these frontline election heroes.

2. **Poll Monitors**:

Dive into the vital function of poll monitors in safeguarding the integrity and fairness of elections. Poll monitors play a crucial role in observing polling activities, reporting irregularities, and ensuring compliance with electoral laws and procedures. Explore the responsibilities, legal frameworks, and practical strategies for effective poll monitoring, as well as the role of technology in enhancing transparency and accountability.

3. **Peacekeepers**:

Explore the role of peacekeepers in promoting calm, order, and security during elections. In this session, learn about the challenges of maintaining peace in electoral contexts, the strategies for conflict prevention and resolution, and the importance of collaboration between election stakeholders, security forces, and community leaders. Gain insights into the principles of neutrality, impartiality, and professionalism that guide peacekeeping efforts and contribute to the credibility of electoral processes.

4. **Post-Election/Certification**:

Reflect on the critical phase following elections: the post-election and certification process. This session will delve into the procedures for counting, verifying, and certifying election results, as well as the legal frameworks and institutional mechanisms governing these processes. Discuss the challenges and controversies that may arise during the post-election period, such as recounts, disputes, and legal challenges, and explore strategies for ensuring transparency, accountability, and public trust in the outcome of elections.

Keynote speakers & more info to come!
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