ENOUGH! National School Walkout at Redmond Proficiency Academy

Start: March 14, 201810:00 AM

On Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00am, students at RPA Middle School in Redmond, Oregon will walkout together for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 students and staff killed in Parkland on February 14, and in solidarity with students across the nation who demand that legislators to take meaningful action to pass sensible gun reform legislation.

Students and teachers should be free to spend their school days educating and learning without worrying about whether they could be gunned down in the classroom.

Parents should be able to greet their children after school with the question "how was school today?" without worrying about how they will help them cope with the trauma of a shooting at their school.

We are not safe at school. We are not safe at concerts, in airports, at the movies, or in our communities. Gun violence is a public health crisis, and mass shootings like the one in Parkland are symptoms of our country's lax gun regulations and the influence of the NRA on our representatives in Congress.

Our elected officials have the power to stand up to the gun lobby and refuse to accept their campaign dollars and influence.  Our representatives in Salem and in Washington DC have the legislative ability to pass sensible gun regulations like universal background checks for gun sales, banning assault rifles designed for the maximum number of kills, stopping perpetrators of domestic violence from purchasing guns, and funding government research on gun violence.

And yet, they have done nothing since Sandy Hook, or Orlando, or Vegas, or Parkland. We may not be old enough to vote them out of office today, but in a matter of a few short years, we will be.

Today, the nation is watching to see just how much power and influence the youth of our nation can wield. Join us in saying #ENOUGH!