EV CHARGING: Analytics, Needs Assessment, Future Trends & Funding of Electric Vehicles Infrastructure

Start: Wednesday, October 06, 2021 1:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-07:00)

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EV CHARGING: Charging Station Analytics, Needs Assessment & Funding of Electric Vehicles

Discover electric vechicle (EV) adoption trends and opportunities, with an overview of the current EV landscape and outlook for future years for EVs and charging. Learn about policy and development considerations for equity and inclusion in green mobility as we work towards overcoming barriers to engagement in electric vehicle infrastructure.

Do you know about the TEINA study in Oregon? There will be a discussion of it's key findings,as well as a number of actions that ODOT Climate Office will undertake to implement these findings, including the creation of a new EV Charging Infrastructure Grant Program.

In 2020, under the direction of Oregon Governor Kate Brown and through executive order 20-04, the Oregon Department of Transportation's (ODOT) Climate Office undertook a study to determine the electric charging infrastructure needed in the near and long term in order for Oregon to meet its aggressive zero emission vehicle (ZEV) goals. This year-long effort – the Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Needs Analysis (TEINA) – highlighted an extraordinary need for Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure growth and identified key policies and implementation priorities that can be undertaken by state agencies, utilities, EV charging service providers, the legislature and others to make this happen.

Jeff German, National Car Charging

Jillian Dimedio, Senior Transportation Analyst, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)  
Zach Henkin, Director, Transparency and Insights, Center for Sustainable Energy
Diane Hodiak, Director, 350Deschutes

Jeff German, Sales Representative, National Car Charging

Jeff’s three decades of experience includes technology rollouts, new equipment and citizen advocacy across the globe. He works predominantly with traditional businesses like National Car Charging, and banking, construction, design, and technology firms to facilitate a smooth transition to renewable energy deployment. Currently National Car Charging serves commercial entities, with EV charging infrastructure and solar storage for grid tied installations. This storage solutions adapts used electric vehicle batteries as a lower cost alternative while also avoiding the landfill. Jeff also provides additional options for residential fast charging.

Jillian Demidio, ODOT, Senior Electrification Transportation Analyst

Jillian Dimedio, Senior Transportation Electrification Analyst, Oregon Department of Transportation

Jillian will discuss key toplines from the Oregon TEINA Study: policies and implementation priorities, including grant programs that can be undertaken by state agencies, utilities, EV charging service providers, the legislature and others to achieve Oregon’s goals for ZEV (zero emission vehicles).

Jillian is a clean energy practitioner with experience in sustainability and clean energy project and program management, utilizing a wide range of technologies and best practices to drive continuous improvement and support progress toward climate goals. Jillian has a demonstrated ability to develop collaborative relationships with diverse state government customers, industry partners and stakeholders to facilitate the development and successful implementation of clean energy projects.

Zach Henkin, Associate Director, Cadeo Group

Zach Henkin,Director of EV Research, Center for Sustainable Energy

Zach Henkin will focus on Trends & Opportunities in Consumer EV’s: Charging, Hiring & Investment Trends.

Zach Henkin is the Director of EV Program Research at the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), where he leads qualitative and quantitative research and analysis focused on the adoption of electric vehicles and infrastructure. Zach has led numerous nationally scaled electric vehicle demonstration projects, and his work in transportation equity, workplace charging, and consumer education have been referenced broadly. Zach has an MBA with a specialization in renewable energy, formerly served as a planning commissioner and economic development commissioner, and is a Third Derivative (D3) cleantech mentor. He spends his free time wrangling his kids, riding motorcycles, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest with his family and golden retriever.

Diane Hodiak, Executive Director, 350 Deschutes

Diane Hodiak, MBA, Founder, Executive Director, 350 Deschutes

Diane Hodiak will present policy and development considerations for equity and inclusion in green mobility as we work towards overcoming barriers to engagement in green mobility.

Diane is the co-founder of 350 Deschutes, where she manages the organization’s pursuit of policy change, education, and actions that support a JUST transition for all people to a clean, low carbon economy. 350 Deschutes works within rural and urban Central Oregon, as well as statewide Oregon policy initiatives for clean air, clean transportation and energy efficiency. Working with other collaborators, board members and volunteers, a central focus for 350 Deschutes mission is to foster equity in these initiatives, Diane has been instrumental in working with other organizations to secure funding for electric charging stations in underserved communities, as well as educational programs that support increased deployment of electric vehicles. She is currently the host of CarbonFreeda’s Powerup, a radio show about climate change for KPOV 88.9, Central Oregon.

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