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Host Guidelines - Take Back the House Parties

Thank you for hosting a Take Back the House Party!

On the next screen, you will enter a name for your event (e.g. "Rachel's Take Back the House Party for NY-11"), as well as location, date, and time. You can host whenever you like, but please note that Swing Left’s official weekend of action is November 10th - 12th. If you choose to organize an event before that weekend, we cannot guarantee that the materials or trainings will be available.

A few tips for creating your event:

*If you don't live in your Swing District, be sure to put the name of the Swing District in the title or description of your event. That will allow our calendar tool to pick it up. (e.g. an event called "Rachel's Take Back the House Party for NY-11" will show up on the NY-11 calendar regardless of the address of the event.) If your address is within the swing district, it will automatically appear on the appropriate district calendar. (e.g. if your event is on Staten Island, it will automatically show up on the NY-11 calendar.)

*Once you’ve created and posted your event, your location and email address will be public. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can make your event private, but then other Swing Left volunteers will not be able to find your event and it will make it harder for you to recruit people. You can also choose to enter an incomplete address (e.g. leave out the house or apartment number) and then send that information to guests after they RSVP.

*If you would like to keep your group small, you can limit the RSVP number at the bottom of the event creation page. But if you click the box that says “allow attendees to bring guests” you may surpass the number you put as your RSVP limit.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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This is shown to people before they RSVP. Let them know what the event will be like and why they should attend.