Protest & Vigil against cruise ships that pollute our climate and melt Arctic sea ice

Start: Saturday, September 15, 2018 3:00 PM

End: Saturday, September 15, 2018 5:00 PM


Saturday, September 15

9 am - 12 pm: Protest at Pier 91 cruise ship terminal. Details TBD. Please contact: Jim Ace at and Shiloh Britt at .  

3 pm - 5 pm: Family-friendly celebration of resistance against Carnival's cruise ships that melt Arctic sea ice and pollute our air, water, and climate. Everyone welcome!


Smith Cove Park (Google Maps: 1000 23rd Ave W Seattle, WA 98199)

(23rd Ave W & W Marina Place...  on the way to Elliot Bay Marina at 2601 W Marina Pl, Seattle, WA 98199)

Public parking is extremely limited. We STRONGLY encourage public transit and biking.


Our Salish Sea is under assault. Fossil fuel projects and accelerating human activity and development are contributing to pollution, climate change, and ocean acidification. And yet cruise industry giant, Carnival Corporation, is still powering its ships with the dirtiest fossil fuel available for marine transportation, heavy fuel oil (HFO). They're sending their #dirtyships to some of the world’s most fragile places – like the Arctic. On September 15th, please join us for a powerful, family and dog-friendly public event connecting Carnival’s cruise ships' impacts on the people, and animals we love, from the Salish Sea in Seattle to the Arctic.

When Carnival’s cruise ships travel to the Arctic burning HFO, they're not only emitting significant amounts of climate-disrupting greenhouse gases, but also massive amounts of soot (black carbon). When that soot settles on snow and glaciers, it accelerates the melting of sea ice. The Arctic is already experiencing the impacts of climate change at twice the rate of other ecosystems. Adding black carbon to the mix is like putting climate disruption on steroids. That has major implications for the health of our oceans and our global climate – whether we’re in Seattle or Svalbard.

Sea ice reaches its annual minimum each year in September, with the 15th being considered the day each year when the ice stops melting and the glaciers begin to accumulate again - a deadly time for polar bears that depend on sea ice.

Join us in Seattle on September 15th to bear witness for the melting Arctic, the oceans, and all wildlife and people suffering from the Salish Sea to the North Pole. We will be sending a message to Carnival to stop polluting our climate. We can change what is happening in our own back yard and worldwide. And we need corporate giants like Carnival to join us in creating that sustainable future, rather than contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Our local community is joining other communities around the bioregion to build broader awareness and advocacy around protection for our Sacred Sea and all living creatures. #WeAretheWater #CleanUpCarnival


To participate in the morning action, please contact Jim Ace.

The afternoon event hopes to include:

- Indigenous speaker(s) or indigenous-led ceremony
- Faith-based Ceremony
- Secular Rituals (scattering flower petal and making offerings)

- Family-friendly & Kid-friendly: hand-painting banner, coloring contest, polar bear photo booth, sidewalk chalk, face painting, pictures with stuffed polar bear, free shaved ice.

- Dog-friendly with doggy signs provided such as “Dogs for Clean Air” and "Dogs for Clean Water"

- Political action: writing postcards to Carnival's CEO  


For questions or to volunteer to help make the event happen, please contact Jim Ace at or on mobile at 510-290-2448.