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Edit Event - Join thousands of people across North America to #StopOilTrains!:

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Host Guidelines - Join thousands of people across North America to #StopOilTrains!

Want to #StopOilTrains in your community? Want to show the world clean, safe energy is 100% Possible? Host an event near you!

Here's three quick things to know...

1. We're here to support you -- and as soon as you sign up, one of our regional coordinators will be in touch.

2. Follow the steps below to sign up your event. (Don't worry if you don't have all the final info yet. You can change it later). After the basics are there, you'll see more detailed instructions plus resources available to you and your crew.

3. Need more info? Want to brainstorm strategy around your event or campaign? Nervous about turning out a critical mass? Don't be shy! Email us at hosts@stand.earth.

Let's have the best #StopOilTrains Week of Action ever,
Stand & the CAN Network

--- Steps for Setting Up an Event ---

TITLE: Name your event for the location where it will take place (e.g. “Stop Oil Trains in Detroit”).

TIME AND DATE: The week of action will take place July 6th through 12th. Choose a day and time that week that people in your community are likely to join.

LOCATION: Choose your location - public and visible places are best. IMPORTANT: Please use an actual street address to ensure your location displays correctly on the map.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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