Fire Resilience on the Farm: Mendocino County

Start: Tuesday, August 20, 2019 6:00 PM

With fire season upon us, it's time to discuss safety, prevention, and relief for our farms and ranches. Join us for a workshop exploring preparedness and networks of support for our rural community facing the ever-growing threat of wildfires here in California.

Hear stories from fire survivors, get tips on preparedness and prevention, learn about resources for recovery and brainstorm with fellow attendees a collective response to assure that the whole community is ready for the next wildfire in Mendocino County.

Potluck at 6:30pm, followed by the evening's program.

Guest speakers:
- Adam Gaska, Mendocino Organics & Mendo Meats
- Mike Jones, University of CA Cooperative Extension
- Imil Ferara, Mendocino County Fire Safe Council
- Eva King, North Coast Opportunities
- Gowan Batist
, Fortunate Farms / CAFF & The Farmers Guild
- Anna Hope, Mendocino Medicinal Herb Guild



This event is made possible by the Mendocino Farmers Guild, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, The University of CA: Mendocino Cooperative Extension, and North Coast Opportunities.