Funeral For Future Strike at US Capitol

Start: Friday, November 29, 201912:30 PM

Please join us on Friday participate in the Fridays for Future Global Day of Action and to demand action on the climate crisis. Wear black and bring a sign and your grief and outrage.

We'll gather on the Southeast lawn of the Capitol to eulogize and mourn all that has been lost and all that is threatened by the climate crisis. All those with hopes and dreams who cherish the future are invited to gather in the shadow of the Halls of Congress. The ceremonial closed-casket funeral will conclude with a funeral procession through the streets of Washington, DC.

“Petroleum is a plague. It is the black death of our generation,” said youth organizer and weekly striker Sophia Geiger, 17. “We have the ability to control and cure it, but we are not taking action. We are simply letting it destroy our world and threaten all life.”  

“I strike every week because it is all I can do. I can’t even vote, but I am already mourning my future. How can I plan for college, a career, or a family?” said Benson.

“We’re bringing the loss of our future to the steps of the Capitol because they need to prepare to own this death,” claims organizer Maddie Graham, 17. “We need systemic change. Congress has been feeding our fossil fuel addiction. They know they are killing our future, but they won’t take action to save it.”

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