Fridays for Louisiana's Future

Start: Friday, September 20, 2019 4:00 PM

Facebook event:

In solidarity with the International Fridays for Future Climate Change Strike on Sept. 20th that kicks off an international week of climate action, led by 16 year old Greta Thunberg, we welcome everyone who cares about the future climate and specifically the future existence of the State of Louisiana as we know it to come strike with us in front of the state capitol for a couple hours on the morning of Friday Sept. 20th. This strike will be a part of much larger international, youth led movement demanding that climate change take center stage on the list of international geopolitical priorities. The state of Louisiana is particularly vulnerable in the face of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten our low lying wetlands ecosystems, rich culture, and nationally critical natural resources. State politicians have historically been and continue to be extremely cozy with big oil and petrochemical industries. Even as we continue to lose land at one of the fastest rates in the world, climate change remains a back burner issue and politicians remain in the pockets of big oil and industry. We demand better representation and real solutions to the climate issues facing the state for the future generations of Louisiana NOW! This means making climate change and environmental justice issues a priority and holding industries accountable for the havoc they continue to wreak on the coast, in our waters, and in our air. It means reducing the state reliance on oil and gas revenues and transforming our economy by investing in sustainable energy and green jobs. We anticipate that this is only the beginning of a uphill battle in the state of Louisiana to put pressure on the state government to recognize the importance of moving away from a fossil fuel based economy. After all this pro-industry pro-oil Louisiana we are talking about. You have to start somewhere! Amirite? We plan to meet at Nairn Park  at 4pm Friday Sept 20th. Feel free to bring a sign, banner, or just yourself. The most important thing is your presence.

There will also be a second event at Albertsons on Government from 5:45 to 7pm