Georgia Defend Our Democracy Teach-In

Start: Thursday, June 28, 2018 7:00 PM

After a highly contentious presidential election cycle marred by foreign interference and hacking, it is clear that there are attempts to pollute American political discourse and sow doubt about the legitimacy of our elections. News continues to trickle out about Russian efforts to hack election systems and access voter information, on top of mounting evidence and indictments surrounding Russian disinformation via social media platforms.

What’s more, many threats to our democratic process aren’t foreign. Voting rights are under attack, gerrymandering is rampant, and the increased influence of Big Business and the ultra wealthy all mean that our voices aren’t being heard in our democracy. This means that special interests are seeing big returns on their investments, while we aren't seeing our values represented by our elected officials.

Join members of your community to work together to get trained, get materials to make an impact, and plan to build a better democracy in your community and nationwide.