Get Involved with the Massachusetts Poor Peoples Campaign

Start: Saturday, May 19, 201810:00 AM


Join us at a volunteer orientation meeting on Saturday May 19th to learn about the Massachusetts Poor Peoples Campaign and find out how you can participate. Come if you have signed on, or have just heard about us and want to learn more.  

We need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks: planning and carrying out our weekly thematic actions on systemic racism, war economy, health of the planet and of the people, and labor/ economic inequality (and these committees will continue their work after our 40 days of action); outreach, communications, fundraising, arts and culture, and more.

We are a "new and unsettling force" determined to shift the moral narrative in our country. We reject as immoral policies of systemic racism, systemic poverty, the war economy and militarism, and ecological devastation.

By uniting the poor and working poor of every race, creed, color, sexuality, gender, age, and demographic with clergy, moral leaders, and people of conscience in a moral fusion movement led by poor and impacted people, we can shift the conversation in our country to address what is hurting our people.

Come see what this movement is about. Ben and Jerry's will be on hand with free ice cream.