Get PR Done! @ National People's Assembly March London

Start: Saturday, June 26, 202112:00 PM

Get PR Done! will be at the National People's Assembly "anti-austerity" march in London on Saturday 26th June. With an estimated turn-out of 100000 participants coming from across the UK, this is a unique opportunity for us to engage into a dialogue with active members of the wider labour movement about the importance of a fair voting system for all progressives. If you live in London or were planning to take part in this march anyway, please do join us on the day! We need 20 volunteers to make a significant impact with our banner and leaflets. The march starts from Portland street at 12 am and will end at Parliament Square. If you can join us and wish to help, please do get in touch with me for further details : GPRD! live events campaign organiser. Thanks you.

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