Global Climate Strike September 2023

Start: Friday, September 15, 2023 1:30 PM

Join protestors around the globe and strike to demand Climate action

For more info on who we are and how to get involved check our our Linktree

Friday’s For Future Philadelphia and Philly Climate Strike is holding a mass strike in center city. We will be meeting in front of City hall (North Side) on Friday, September 15th, 2023 at 1:30pm. Bring your friends, signs, megaphones, face paint, any green clothes, and water.

All people are welcome, and animals too if they want?!?! We are striking to demand more action from our city’s government. We need to divest from fossil fuels, improve our waste management systems, and declare that we are in a climate emergency!!! We are already seeing the effects of climate change around the world, this is a pivotal point where we must choose to take action if we want to have a healthy home to live in. Climate change is a social, economical, ecological, and environmental battle that we must unite to fight. So join and strike from school on September 15th, 2023!!!!

We will be marching from city hall down the Benjamin Franklin Pkwy to the PECO headquarters where we will demand fossil fuel divestment. If anyone needs help managing public transport we have organizers who will be leading a group to 30th street station for trains.

If you ordered a shirt or would like to order a shirt please arrive to the strike 15min earlier to get yours!!!!

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