Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels April 19

Start: Friday, April 19, 202410:00 AM

Join us on April 19 for a Global Day of Climate Action as we demand for environmental justice and an End to the Era of Fossil Fuels!!

Following the Actions to End Fossil Fuels last September, we are taking to the streets again! All across the U.S. we’ll be calling on President Biden to be a climate leader and stand up to Big Oil’s greed.

2023 was the hottest year on record with countless floods, fires, and storms threatening people's lives and livelihoods. A brighter future with good jobs, clean air, and a stable climate is possible. It’s time to #divest from fossil fuels and invest in our future!!

Join Fridays for Future Las Vegas, Red Desert Collective, Las Vegas DSA, Carmen Gonzales - Indigenous Water Wise, For Our Future Nevada and Moms Clean Air Force Nevada on April 19th at 10am in front of the Lloyd D. George Courthouse.

We are demanding our leaders declare a climate emergency, stand up against the utility companies price gouging us and poisoning our air, demand they sign the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, the USA declare support for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, demand for mining justice, and halt the expansion of the East Las Vegas Freeway. Our elected leaders must face the reality of the climate crisis and consider what quality of life living in Las Vegas will be like with their inadequate actions today.

Be part of Fridays for Future’s International Day of Action! Join us as we come together throughout the USA and across the globe to mobilize for the future we deserve! ✊

Learn more about the FFF national actions here and the FFF International actions here