Grey to Green, a YIMBY Latinx Walking Tour

Start: Saturday, July 22, 202310:30 AM

Are freeways racist? Have they harmed the Latino community? It's complicated. Come meet other YIMBYs in San Francisco! YIMBY Latinx will be doing a walking tour of the central freeway to give a glimpse into the past, present and future of San Francisco’s Central Freeway. What freeways did, what we have now, and what it can be. Walkable streets, restored green space and abundant, affordable homes.

YIMBY Latinx is partnering with Latino Conservation Week, the Vision Blvd Team, Urban Environmentalists and YIMBY Action for a walking tour Saturday, July 22nd! We'll be leaving at 11am, so please be on time. Connect over stories, ongoing work and learn how to get more involved. We'd like to thank our co-hosts & featured speakers:
  • Our sponsors, Latino Conservation Week & the Hispanic Access Foundation
  • Urban Environmentalists
  • The San Mateo County LatinX Democratic Club
  • Freeway Fighter Alex Contreras
  • The Vision Blvd Team
  • Our parent org, YIMBY Action
Never been to a YIMBY event before? Perfect! This event is designed for you. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. We will be ending up at Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley Picnic Area, where we will picnic and each lunch from local Mexican restaurant Papito Hayes! This is the route we will be taking:

Green: Start and End points

Red: Stops we will me making

Blue: Optional stops we may make depending on time.

Start - Peets
1 - Interchange ramps
2 - Street Food Park
3 - Rainbow Grocery
2 - Street Food Park
4 - South Van Ness
5 - Skatepark
6 Market/Octavia
7 Oak/Octavia
8 Patricia's Green
End - Papitos Hayes

Event by
Alex Melendrez
san bruno, California
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