Grow the rebellion national info session

Start: 2021-01-27 19:00:00 UTC Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

End: 2021-01-27 20:15:00 UTC Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

This is a virtual event

Are you deeply concerned about the lengths our government’s going to in digging us deeper into a fossil fuel pit of climate disaster?

Are you ready to supercharge your contribution to growing our rebellion in Australia?

Do you want to hear our plan and receive resources to mobilise your area to action?

Do you want to connect with people who you can work together with in your state to actively and effectively build the movement?

We need your help in reaching the critical mass where our federal and state governments have no choice but to agree to our three demands. Only this will deliver us closer to a safe climate and safe future for all.

You can make a huge contribution – one small step at a time. The fact you’re reading this means you already have a huge desire to see the rebellion succeed.


RSVP to this one hour zoom session to learn WHY we need to mobilise, HOW we plan to do it, and HOW YOU can play a critical part. At the end of this session you will be connected to your closest network

Why we must mobilise

One of our fundamental tasks is to grow our movement. Erica Chenoweth’s research shows that 3.5 % of the population engaged is the most we need to succeed – and we can do it with a lot less too. We can absolutely do this but it means we need to reach out to the community, have conversations, and activate rebels who are on the mailing list or who like our Facebook page, but haven’t taken those next steps into action.

We need to mobilise. And we know what we are mobilising towards - national coordinated disruptive actions on Mar 22+ and a national convergence on the business hub of Australia - Sydney - later in the year.

You don’t need to give up your day job, you just need to want to make a difference.



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