Help get Greens elected in Oxford City Centre

Start: Saturday, November 18, 202311:00 AM

A photo of Green Party campaigners

The Green Party is growing in Oxford - and growing fast. At the last local elections, we were the only party to increase our representation on Oxford City Council - doubling the number of seats we held.

Our six Green councillors are working tirelessly to make Oxford a fairer and Greener city. They've already delivered massive change - from securing stronger biodiversity protections in the draft local plan to passing a pioneering policy on trans inclusion, and from winning changes to policy that will lead to massive improvements to air quality to delivering a ban on single use plastics for street traders.

But the city council is still dominated by the Labour Party, and there is only so much that six councillors can achieve. That's why it's vital that we get more Greens elected in this year's local elections.

This year, there is a real chance of DOUBLING the number of Greens elected to the city council.

That's where you come in. We need your help to spread the message about the Greens' vision for the city, and how by getting more councillors elected, the Green Party can step up and transform Oxford.

On November 18, we'll be working to get a Green councillor elected in the city centre. That means distributing thousands of leaflets in Oxford University colleges.

Leafleting in the colleges is the easiest campaigning to get involved in. We'll be delivering leaflets to student pigeon holes in the colleges.

We'll be meeting at the Clarendon Building at 11am and after a quick briefing, you'll be given a small number of colleges to deliver to.

Join us and help turn Oxford Green!

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