Holyoke Gateway City Arts Letter and Postcard Party August 11

Start: Sunday, August 11, 201910:00 AM

End: Sunday, August 11, 201911:30 AM

Join us as we hold our fourth (fifth?) event at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke.

On Tuesday, September 10th, the most important election of 2019 will take place in North Carolina’s 9th district. This election "redo" pits solar entrepreneur Dan McCready against a nationally known homophobe and the author of North Carolina’s notorious “Bathroom Bill.” McCready would be the first Democrat to represent the district in nearly 50 years.

Swing Left and Vote Forward have launched a national campaign to get 45,000 letters to voters in North Carolina’s 9th District. Join us as we write letters to Democrats to remind them of the importance of voting in this special election.

Let's give McCready the turnout edge and send powerful signal to Republicans that Democrats are on the rise!