Housing Justice Supporter Training

Start: February 25, 201712:00 PM

End: February 25, 2017 2:00 PM

Location:Bloomcraft Building460 Melwood, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Host Contact Info: nicholasfstocks@gmail.com

We'll be hosting a supporter training this Saturday, February 25th from Noon to 2pm at 460 Melwood where we will:

  • learn more about the current situation at Penn Plaza and the root causes of such displacement around the city;

  • learn more about what we are asking elected officials to do to prevent such displacement in the future;

  • learn about how to act together to pressure our elected officials, developers, landlords, and other power-holders and decision makers to do the right thing. Enough studies and promises - time for them to act!

    Will you join us?

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