International Workers' Day Picnic

Start: Sunday, May 01, 202212:00 PM

May Day - International Workers' Day Picnic - A  Celebration of Working People - Food, fun, and camaraderie with the local labor community. All welcome!

International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day or May Day, is a celebration of the courage shown by working class people in our united movement towards worker rights and freedoms.

International Workers’ Day serves as a reminder of the important contributions made to all societies by working class people the world over. It is a day to celebrate all who have committed to and inspired others to fight for their right to improved working conditions.

While equitable, universal workers’ rights for all workers are still yet to be realized, it is important to acknowledge both the historical and contemporary wins and gains of the labor movement.

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare material inequalities and needs for favorable working conditions that workers face in the current workforce. The contributions of essential and frontline workers show a continued commitment that workers all over the world have to their communities.

The pandemic has also created a whirlwind of mobilization towards worker unionization, speaking to an ever-growing worker movement that is demanding recognition and a triumphant cause for celebration.

Please join us in a celebration of our current moment by attending our International Workers’ Day Picnic which will include food from local vendors (vegan options included), music and entertainment, speaker spotlights on current union activities and calls to action, community building activities, and networking opportunities.

Hosted by DSA Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Labor Council, and Poudre Education Association

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