Invitation to EPS ‘re-establishing international ties’ meeting - June 27, Madrid, or Skype

Start: Thursday, June 27, 2019 6:00 PM


The board of EPS Netherlands-Flanders invites you to join a meeting regarding ‘re-establishing international ties’. Re-establishing international ties has become urgent in view of securing continued presence of EPS around the globe, and in view of new realities of dissolving of national borders, and continued international political tensions.
The meeting will take place on Thursday, June 27, 2019, from 18h00 19h00, in Madrid during the 23rd annual International Conference on Economics and Security (ICES), held at the Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado de la UNED. The address is Calle de la Princesa 34/36 Madrid 28008.
Those who cannot attend the meeting, nonetheless can join via Skype. Please send us your Skype name and your mobile phone, so that we can arrange the connection.
Our proposal now is
                      to discuss of hhow to better network among the national EPS chapters, possibly under a more international or transnational arrangement;
                      that the two-fold objective of EPS remains (1) inntegrating issues of violent conflict, peace, and security into the science of economics and (2) communicating findings to the world outside the economic discipline;
                      to aassemble a group of EPS chapters which in future could be responsible for some activities, for example (but not necessarily be limited to) (1) the continuation of the annual Europe-based International Conference on Economics and Security, (2) the EPS Journal, and (3) the EPS blog, currently hosted by the Institute for Economics & Peace;
                      to enter into a period of about 12 months for the possiible organisational setup of this group, for example, (1) to create a feasible value proposition, marketing/communication plan, and if needed a business/financial plan and (2) to propose the appointment of a group of members who will govern this group for some period of time;
                      that any future governance structure of this group shall make efforts such that, within two years’ time, this governance structure reflects a sound composition: a gender balance, a substantial share of economists younger than 45 years of age, of economists holding academic positions and of a representation by private- and public-sector and NGO economists.
The agenda of the meeting (duration 1 hour) is
18h00 Welcome
18h03 Introduction round (limit to name, university, and EPS role)
18h10 Slide presentation (on EPS background over the years since 1989)
18h20 Comments, discussion, amendments of the above proposal
18h40 How to decide/vote for/against proposal a/o amendments (possibly by email later on)
18h45 Identification of core organizing group for first 12 months and planning of next meeting
18h’58 Conclusion and closure of the meeting
Regards, on behalf of the board of Economists for Peace and Security Netherlands-Flanders
Joel van der Beek
Economists for Peace and Security
Speenkruid 26; 3941 TE Doorn; The Netherlands
T +31 6 303 959 10
Skype joelvanderbeek
Sending list: list of EPS chairs, invited to the Madrid meeting:
EPS Australia: David Throsby
EPS Canada: Kanta Marwah
EPS Chile: Aedil Suarez
EPS Egypt: Hamid E. Ali
EPS France: Fanny Coulomb and Mayeul Kauffmann, successors of Jacques Fontanel
EPS Germany: vacancy, after Wolfram Elsner and Michael Brzoska
EPS Greece: Christos Kollias, successor of Eftychia Nikolaidou
EPS India: Darvesh Gopal
EPS Israel: Alex Mintz
EPS Italy: Raul Caruso
EPS Japan: Akira Hattori
EPS Netherlands-Flanders: Joel van der Beek
EPS South Africa: Terry Crawford-Browne
EPS Spain: Juan Carlos Martínez Coll
EPS United Kingdom: J. Paul Dunne
EPS USA: Stephanie Kelton
EPS/ECAAR activities in South Korea and in Russia seem to be inactive

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