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Start: Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:00 PM


Time and time again, we hear just how much it means to the incarcerated artists in our network to know that folks on the outside are seeing, appreciating, and being impacted by their artwork. The feedback the artists receive brings them hope and validation, and helps them to feel less alone. We want all of the artists who've entrusted their work to JAC to know that they matter, so we hope that you'll join us at Rhizome DC on Thursday, November 21 for ArtLinks, an evening of letter writing. We'll view works by several artists and share our reactions, reflections, and feedback with them by mail.

The responses we received from artists after our first ArtLinks event were heartfelt:

I just received the letters yesterday and it put a smile on my face. It felt good to know that people that I didn't know were moved by my work. I will be writing back to them today. -- Rayfel  

It feels good to be able to hear how much [my] painting impacted [the correspondents]. Being able to read what stood out to them is what it's all about. Allowing the viewer to express what they feel and what it means to them. -- Valentino                      

Your letter was amazing! Reading it really lifted my spirits.... Receiving feedback from people on the outside is like gold to me.... Your letter came at a time when I was feeling down. You have helped inspire me and my creativity. Thank you for that. -- Conor

We look forward to seeing you at ArtLinks!

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