Join the DUE Justice Coalition- Rally for a Moral Budget!

Start: Monday, May 20, 2019 4:00 PM

RSVP to Join us in Action for a Just and Equitable Connecticut.  ASL interpreters available

We will stand in solidarity and urge our elected leaders to pass a MORAL BUDGET that that supports all CT residents and asks the wealthy to pay their fair share. RSVP today!

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DUE Justice Vision Statement- A Connecticut that Works for All of Us

We want a better Connecticut, and we can have it if we demand it.

We challenge our current elected leaders  to join us in building a CT that will work for all of us, not just the few.


Good Jobs & A Fair Economy

So all of us can care for and support our families and our communities, by providing:

  • paid family leave as a basic benefit at work
  • a $15 minimum wage;
  • collective bargaining, so all people, including public employees, can negotiate a fair return on their work;
  • a tax system that is right side up, so that the wealthiest individuals and big corporations pay their fair share;
  • full access to opportunity in housing, education & good jobs regardless of zip code, race, gender or ethnicity.

Great Public Education – from pre-K through college.

So every student in Connecticut, regardless of their zip code, can develop their talents, skills, and passions, by providing:

  • a great start with early education, including full-day pre-K and kindergarten;
  • fully-funded neighborhood public schools, with excellently-trained, well-paid healthy, happy, and diverse teachers and staff;a positive;

Quality affordable health care

So that that all residents, their families, and communities lead healthy and happy lives, by

  • protecting the one in five CT residents on Medicaid, including children, working families, seniors and people with disabilities;
  • making health coverage more affordable to everyone;
  • allowing families not on Medicaid or Medicare to choose an insurer that puts their health ahead of corporate profits
  • lowering the outrageous price of prescription drugs by stopping drug companies from keeping prices artificially high;
  • preventing huge insurance companies and hospital monopolies from raising costs to increase CEO salaries and corporate profits;

Climate solutions

So that the health of all of Connecticut’s families and communities is protected and good jobs are created, by providing:

  • clean energy solutions;
  • investment in clean, renewable energy and the businesses that innovate these areas.

Democracy & fair Government

So that every one of our voices matter, not just those of wealthy campaign contributors and corporate lobbyists, by ensuring:

  • barriers to voting are removed, including early voting, removing restrictions on access to the ballot box;
  • the Citizens Election program is protected from attacks by corporate lobbyists, so that any qualified person can run for office without taking big money.

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