Joint FSA/M4A Canvass in Greenfield 9/11: RVDSA + FCCPR

Start: Sunday, September 11, 202210:30 AM

River Valley DSA is getting out with our comrades in Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution in Greenfield on Sunday Sept 11 to talk to folks about the Fair Share Amendment and getting Medicare for All for Massachusetts! The plan is to meet at 10:30, run through a training and then go out at 11 in singles or pairs to end at 1, meeting up at the People's Pint* Victoria's Bar for snacks and drinks. We are really looking forward to getting lots of coverage this weekend--our current goal is to knock 4800 doors by Nov 8!

RSVP for the street address where we're meeting, a few instructions, and to get updates on any changes. See you soon!

*Sadly, the People's Pint is closed on Sundays. First thing we'll do when we seize power is ban our favorite gathering spots from closing on the best canvassing days.

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