Kateri Peace Conference: An Afternoon of Reflection

Start: Friday, August 17, 2018 1:00 PM

End: Friday, August 17, 2018 4:00 PM

Kateri Peace Conference: Special Pre-Conference Afternoon of Community Reflection

The framework for the afternoon will be derived from the work of the deep ecologist Joanna Macy whose vision for The Great Turning has led her to create the " Work That Reconnects". This "Work" is used worldwide by activists to foster resilience, active hope, a deep love and concern for people and planet and to cultivate life affirming change.

"The Work That Reconnects" has been described as "an innovative process intended to help transform a feeling of despair and the sense of being overwhelmed into inspiration and a renewed recognition of your ability to make a difference."

We will engage in a series of interactive exercises structured to move through what Macy calls a "spiral": from a platform of gratitude, through the experience and acknowledgment of deep grief for the world; to ways of seeing which integrates time, connections across time and community into a strengthening network and vibrant community with a renewed vision for action by those who have been longing and working for peace.

Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, Kathy Kelly, Greta Zarro, William Rivers Pitt and Albany's very own Rosemary Armao, the presenters at Saturday's Kateri Peace Conference, will be joining us in our interactive retreat.  

A potluck will follow the afternoon of reflection. Suggest donation: $15.

Full conference information and speaker bios may be found at www.kateripeaceconference.org.

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