Kay Pranis - Introduction to Peace Circles

Start: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 8:30 AM

Kids First Law Center, in conjunction with SEL4IA, welcomes internationally renowned Kay Pranis (bio below) to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for an Introductory Peace Circle Training this July.

Peace circles provide a way to bring people together to build communities, have difficult conversations, and to work through differences. The circle process is a way of getting the most complete picture people can of themselves, each other, and the issue at hand to enable them to move forward together. Based on an assumption of positive human potential and that something good can always come out of whatever situation we are in, circles also assume that no one of us has the whole picture and that it is only by sharing all perspectives that we can come closer to a complete picture.

The circle process is being used for decision making, community building, problem solving and conflict resolution in schools, neighborhoods, workplace, families, faith-based organizations, museums and the criminal justice system.

This introductory training explores:

· foundational values and philosophy of circle practice,

· structure of circle process,

· practical applications of circle process,

· initiating the circle process,

· conflict as opportunity to build relationships, and

· problems and challenges in circles.

Kay Pranis is a leader in restorative practices, which bring together victims, offenders, community members, and police officers to discuss how best to respond to a crime. Moving beyond cases of crime, Kay has worked with others to facilitate the use of Peace Circles in schools, social services, churches, families, museums, universities, municipal planning and workplaces. (For an overview of her work and her background, view her 2013 Chautauqua Institution lecture on “Peacemaking Circles: A Restorative Justice Practice That Builds Community.”)  

Of her own journey learning about and working within the circle process, Pranis says: “The circle became a way for me to see how humans can live more successfully with each other and the natural world, balancing group and individual needs and gifts. The circle became a way to move to a kind of world that I want to live in.”

Pranis has written widely on the subject: Heart of Hope: A Guide for Using Peacemaking Circles to Develop Emotional Literacy, Promote Healing & Build Healthy Relationships with Carolyn Boyes-Watson (Living Justice Press, 2010); Circle Forward: Building a Restorative School with Carolyn Boyes-Watson (Living Justice Press, 2014), Doing Democracy: Engaging Communities in Public Planning with Jennifer Ball and Wayne Caldewell (Living Justice Press, 2010), and much more.

We will have a three-day Introductory Peace Circle Trainings:

·       Wednesday, July 17 through Friday, July 19 at McKinley STEAM Academy in Cedar Rapids, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

To learn more, please email Justin Blietz at justineblietz@gmail.com

Registration: $190.00 per person

Event by
Justin Blietz
Cedar Rapids, Iowa