Kayaktivism Training on 6/11 Thurs @5:30pm

Start: Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:30 PM

Join in on the FUN! - 300 people took to Elliot Bay for the "Paddle In Seattle" to Defend the Arctic in a vibrant and beautiful show of people and paddle power. Now, skill-up to join them and prepare for a rapid response to say sHellNo to Arctic Drilling. These 3-hour kayaktivism trainings are for NEW and VETERAN PADDLERS of ALL SKILL LEVELS!

You MUST reserve spot and pay in advance. We are working with Alki Kayak Tours to provide a Pay-What-You-Can Sliding scale opportunity (it costs us $20-30 per person).

To pay for your training or donate towards trainings please finish payment after you RSVP. If you need to find it again visit Backbone's Kayak Training Payment Portal. Thank you in advance!

You can choose which Kayak training most interests you, with both offered at each training session.

  1. Orientation to Kayaktivism- If you've paddled some before or have never been on the water, get some basic kayaking and safety skills, become familiar with the bay, nail the 5+ essential paddle strokes, and learn how to communicate and paddle as a team!
  2. Experienced paddlers and those who have gone through Orientation to Kayaktivism are invited to go through the Advanced Safety Training. We will be spending the majority of the time on the water practicing how to assist in a rescue in the unlikely event of a kayak capsizing. If you ALSO want to learn how to do self-rescues then plan to get wet, if you have a wetsuit or drysuit bring it with you!

Once you register we'll send you some more info, but plan to wear quick-drying clothing like what you might wear to yoga or hiking, as well as something warm and a windbreaker (Just about anything but cotton).

We look forward to seeing you at the training!

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