Let's Pick up the Phone and Call!

Start: March 21, 201711:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT-08:00)

The Affordable Care Act faces a critical repeal vote this Thursday.

This is a do-or-die moment for the ACA. This Thursday,  the House of Representatives will be voting to repeal and replace the ACA with TrumpCare—a plan that would lead to 24 million Americans losing their health care.

Republicans are rushing to get this bill through before the upcoming April recess, ignoring the normal legislative process, because they don’t want to face you, their constituents. They are attempting to ram through a TrumpCare bill that will cut coverage for millions and raise premiums for millions more. Their proposal simultaneously guts Medicaid and gives a $600 billion tax break to the wealthy and corporations.

Millions of lives hang in the balance. The House vote this coming week is the first step towards enactment of this devastating TrumpCare bill. But we have the power to stop this!

Between 11:00 and 1:00 Tuesday, call your Republican House Rep, either  Darrell Issa or Duncan Hunter.

Below are phone/fax numbers and email addresses and topics to use in calling your House Reps.  


Darrell Issa

SD (760) 599-5000

DC (202) 225-3906

Fax (202) 225-3303

Email:  https://issa.house.gov/contact

Duncan Hunter

SD (619) 448-5201

DC (202) 225-5672

Fax (619) 449-2251

Email: https://hunter.house.gov/contact-me/email-me


Health Care

Start with this script and tell your Representative that a vote to take away healthcare from 24 million people is a vote you'll be watching.

District 50:  Ethical Conduct of Duncan Hunter

This Wednesday, the Ethics Committee is scheduled to meet to review the unethical conduct of Congressman, Duncan Hunter. Duncan Hunter has used over $60,000 in campaign funds for personal benefit. Use of campaign funds for personal benefit is prohibited by Federal law. We are asking the Ethics Committee to do their job and uphold our Members of Congress to the same ethical standards of our nation.

There are 10 Committee Members and we recommend you call at least two:

Susan Brooks (R-Ind), Chairwoman
(202) 225-2276

Ted Deutch (D-FL), Ranking Member
(561) 470-5440

Let them know that we are watching and expect them to move forward on Duncan Hunter's investigation at their meeting on Wednesday!

Feedback, Questions & Comments

Private questions or comments: Please use the Comments textbox on the RSVP form.

Questions / Comments for everyone: Please go to our Forum on our website. When you are done, let us know how it went for you! We need to hear back so we know how many people called and what your experience was!

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