Lit Drop Progressives in Central SF for Shahid Sunday Feb 16th!

Start: Sunday, February 16, 202012:00 PM

End: Sunday, February 16, 2020 3:30 PM

Otto Pippenger

  With ballots in voters' hands, we have just a few weeks, and in many cases, days, to reach anyone who hasn't yet heard Shahid's insurgent message of uncompromising decency, radical dignity, and the substantiation and expansion of human rights to include housing, healthcare, education, and more!

   We can prevail in March and go on to bring the policies San Franciscans want; a Green New Deal, HUD grants to bring us the housing we need, the abolishment of I.C.E. and more to be discussed and voted upon at the national stage.

  To do that, we need our movement of allies, activists, and people of conscience everywhere to join us, in spreading the word about Shahid's agenda to the doors of voters in the progressive powerhouses of D8 and it's neighbors! We'll be meeting Sunday the 16th of February from Noon to 3:30 outside Noe Valley Courts, near 808 Elizabeth Street to deliver literature, and to cover every single voter and resident, we need you too!


 No experience needed, and we'll bring the food and coffee as usual, but we need you there! The change we need will come from ourselves, so come join us and create the future you want for yourself!

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