[London, UK] Stop the War in Ukraine Rally - Stop the War Coalition

Start: Thursday, May 26, 2022 6:30 PM

The dangers of escalation of the war in Ukraine are very real. In response to Finland and Sweden's bid to join NATO, Russia's defence minister today warned the Kremlin will be taking "adequate countermeasures". Russia is already forming 12 new military units along the Finnish border and is set to cut gas supplies to Finland this weekend.

Ukraine's President Zelenskiy has said the Donbas region is being destroyed by indiscriminate Russian shelling. Adding fuel to the flames the US and UK continue to send massive consignments of weapons into the region, while the US is upgrading NATO's nuclear weapons storage across Europe. Military spending in all NATO states is set to soar.

As each day passes it is clear the war has become a conflict between NATO and Russia, held on Ukrainian soil. There is no attempt to build peace and the consequences for Ukraine and Europe are truly terrifying.

On Thursday major figures from the anti-war movement will examine key questions about the war: how we got here, where it may lead, and how to build our campaign for a lasting peace. We will also be joined by Ukrainian activist Yurii Sheliazhenko, who will share his first-hand experience of campaigning for peace in Ukraine.

To understand this new phase of the war in Ukraine and what to do to help bring it to an end, join us on Thursday evening at 6pm.

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