Social Media Outburst

Start: September 08, 2017 7:30 AM

In honor of Agnes Baker Pilgrim Birthday 93 on  Sept 11 and all that she has taught us I invite you to post in any way you can on social media about protecting the water. One big issue we learned about from the North Dakota pipeline  was how the ETP'S  are endangering our water. On September 8th & 9th, we're taking action across the country to #StopETP and defend indigenous rights and our water, land, air, and climate.
With the smoke outside in Oregon it is unhealthy for us to march or stand outside in protest of Wells Fargo Banks, but we can post on their site, we can think outside the box and post on our Senators page, our Congress, US President, Banks, tweet, make videos, sing songs, make an internet explosion of what we are requesting ---by claiming what we want.
By taking coordinated action targeting ETP, we will launch a broader, sustained effort to disrupt ETP’s business-as-usual until the company withdraws their unnecessary and damaging pipeline projects, stops violating human rights, and stops polluting the air, water, and climate.

Please contact your action host for any specific questions about your action, and please TELL  your friends  to join the Days of Action to #StopETP!