Manchester - Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 6th Nov

Start: Saturday, November 06, 202112:00 PM

In November the UN "COP26" climate talks begin in Glasgow. We will be protesting across the world to demand an radical action on climate change and climate justice.

Climate change is already destroying the lives of millions of people. 2021 has seen floods and hurricanes to some of the biggest wildfires in history. The poorest people in the world and the Global South are disproportionately affected by these events, which have been created by the industrialisation of the richest nations.
In the UK the COP26 Coalition is calling protests across the country on Sat 6 Nov to demand climate justice. Many activists will protest in Glasgow, but there are regional and local events as well to ensure maximum participation.
This protest has been called by the Manchester COP26 Hub.

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