Start: Saturday, March 30, 2019 9:00 AM

End: Friday, April 05, 201912:00 PM


at Creech Killer Drone Air Force Base, Nevada

Please help us make our 10th Anniversary year extra powerful!
Mark your calendar.


Spring Action:  March 30 (Saturday) to April 5 (Friday, noon)
Note:  This will also be a Solidarity Action to support the global Call to Action against NATO and the NATO Summit in DC on April 4.  NATO is Obsolete! Drones are NATO’s tool for domination!

Fall Action:  September 29 (Sunday) to October 5 (Saturday, noon)

It was 10 years ago this April, that the “Creech 14,” were arrested for trespassing at Creech Air Force Base to protest the immorality and illegality of remote controlled killing. They were the first U.S. activists to put their bodies on the line to say “We don’t consent to remote controlled killing.”  We honor and thank Fr. Louis Vitale, Kathy Kelly, Megan Rice, Fr. Jerry Zawada, Brian Terrell, Fr. Steve Kelly, John Dear, Dennis DuVall, Eve Tetaz, Renee Espeland, Judy Homanich, Mariah Klusmire, Brad Lyttle, and Libby Pappalardo for leading the way in resisting drone murdering from afar at the “Home of the Hunters,” Creech AFB.

At that time covert U.S. drone assassination had been taking place already for 7 years, without the awareness of the general public or most of the U.S. peace movement. Thank you dearly Creech 14 for opening our eyes to the barbaric cruelty of this high tech tool for U.S. Empire & NATO.

Bay Area CODEPINK has been steadfast in persisting with our ongoing drone resistance at Creech ever since. We have organized week long protests, including direct action, twice a year since 2009. Many dozens have been arrested and taken to jail. None of the arrests have ever ended with post-arraignment jail time, and most often the charges have been dismissed. Could it be that military officials prefer to keep the drone killing away from the public eye? We pledge to continue our resistance as long as Reaper Drones are used to murder our brothers and sisters remotely across the seas in lands that most of us will never visit.  

We also give special thanks to Nevada Desert Experience and the Western Shoshone nation for supporting our work these many years and for their own persistent determination in resisting the Pentagon’s use of our beautiful Nevada desert and Western Shoshone lands for the brutal and inhumane research, development, training and use of drones and nuclear weapons. We honor all of you!
We are hoping that some of the original Creech 14 will join us in our protests in this milestone of a year, 2019. Together we will again resist drone warfare, empire building and global militarization. War is NEVER the answer.

Hope we’ll see you there!  
Toby, Eleanor and Maggie

P.S. Please contact Maggie early to hold a bed in the Goddess Temple guest House. Beds are limited. Priority will be given to our elders and people with special physical limitations:  FMI:

Please watch National Bird, a drone documentary available on Netflix, if you haven’t already.

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