May 2019 meeting

Start: Saturday, May 18, 2019 1:00 PM

Monthly meeting. Less than a year to go until the Maryland Presidential primary. Let's talk about that -- how we can get busy, starting with canvassing at events like Farmers Markets and Taste of Fenton. You can join us before the eating at the Rockville Farmers Market to talk to locals about the race. It's the Opening day for the Market. The following day, we'll be in Silver Spring for the Taste of Fenton Village event! Great food and fun. And friendly, progressive voters!!  

Now -- about the meeting: On the agenda -- finally getting around to elections for a new leadership for our chapter. We're hoping to have State Party Chair Maya Rockeymoore Cummings to talk about politics in Maryland. We'll hear more about the November Rockville City elections, and more about upcoming election in Virginia and our planned canvassing to support Yasmine Taeb's primary challenge in VA Senate race. And, of course, organizing for Bernie.

Best part -- you can join us after the meeting to participate in a Protect Rock Creek clean-up just down the street, at Knowles and Beach Drive. No obligation, but it's a good chance to do good and do some team-building. You can sign up for the clean-up by clicking this link.