McLean Voter Outreach!

Start: Saturday, April 08, 201710:00 AM

Join me and other Swing Left volunteers to start talking to voters in this key Swing District. We'll be meeting up at the Holiday Inn near the Rosslyn metro stop before heading over to McLean. Our team will be in touch with any logistical details regarding carpooling from Rosslyn to the final destination.

McLean is likely to contain plenty of progressive residents who are not yet registered to vote. So, let’s talk to them! Don’t worry if you’ve never gone door-to-door before, we’ll cover everything you need to know. It’s actually really fun once you get going.

If you haven’t heard of it, Swing Left is an online network that helps people find their closest Congressional Swing District and connects them with actionable volunteer opportunities to support progressive candidates in that District. The goal is simple: to flip the House to Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections and put a check on the Trump agenda.

The race for the House has already started, and talking to voters in key districts is one of the single most important ways you can do to make sure we win.

Logistical Info

  1. We will be meeting up at the metered spots just outside of the Rosslyn Holiday Inn. The sole purpose of this meeting location is so that we can pair up folks with cars with people who need a ride out to McLean.

  • If you are DRIVING: To get to the right place, please put in “1889 North Nash Street, Arlington, VA 22209” into google maps, you’ll see the corner where we’ll be meeting up! We’ll have someone with a printed out Swing Left sign, so just keep an eye out as you drive down N Nash St.

  • If you are taking the METRO: It’s a five minute walk from the metro to the parking lot - please follow these directions.

Note: Please do NOT go into the indoors Holiday Inn parking lot! We’ll be at the surface spots on the north side of the building.

Event by
Aman Shahi
San Francisco, California