Meet and Greet Katherine Walsh for Assembly and Julio Pena for District Leader

Start: Sunday, February 16, 2020 4:00 PM

End: Sunday, February 16, 2020 6:00 PM

Meet and Greet with Katherine Walsh for State Assembly and Julio Pena for District Leader

Dear friends,

Our neighbors Katherine Walsh and Julio Pena, born and raised in Sunset Park, community leaders, neighbors and our friends are running to represent us in Assembly District 51.

Katherine wants to go to Albany to ensure that New York expands affordable housing, invests in climate resilience and our public schools, and makes our district safe for all our immigrant neighbors. Julio wants to bring transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the Kings County Democratic Party.

We are running for office for the same reasons. We love our district. It is vibrant, diverse, a haven of community. People know each other, and they look out for each other. When times are hard, they stand up for each other. It’s a big city, but our neighbors, across languages, across cultures, across race, are linked by this love for this district, and the good, hard working people who call it home. We are building a multiracial, multilingual, multicultural, multiethnic campaign rooted in love for our community. Please join us.

Katherine and Julio

Date: Sunday, February 16th

Time: 4 to 6 PM

4012 7th avenue

A team member will meet you at the gate

Come to ask us your questions and share your hopes and concerns, for the district and/or the state, and to connect with fellow neighbors and supporters of a progressive future for New York. Please RSVP!

Both of these positions are currently held by Felix Ortiz, the 26 year incumbent for the State Assembly and a District Leader. If you are able to donate, know that your generous grassroots support is essential in helping us each build a strong and successful campaign.

Read more about Katherine on her website. Here is a recent article about Katherine in Bklyner and Kings County Politics. Donate to Katherine's campaign for State Assembly here

Read more about Julio on his website and in the news. Donate to Julio's campaign for District Leader here

SCA is not endorsing candidates, any other candidates are welcome to meet residents of the building.