MIT / Kendall goes to the climate strike

Start: Friday, September 20, 201910:45 AM

As scientists, we know that the climate is already changing but that the most catastrophic human impacts can still be avoided with substantial climate action. We recognize that the “business as usual” status quo is not tenable. We are encouraged by the leadership displayed by people who are fighting climate change with the urgency it requires. Action is necessary for a more just future. We pledge to continue our work of monitoring, projecting, and understanding climate change and also to take decisive action. We are honored to respond to the call by the school strikers and stand in solidarity with young people during the week of actions starting on September 20. We pledge to fight for just and transformative climate action in every way possible.


10:45: rally at MIT student center then march to Kendall/MIT T stop

11:15 short rally at T stop, then head downtown!