MoMA Drop Climate Criminal Henry Kravis (Rally in the Garden)

Start: Tuesday, June 06, 2023 6:00 PM

On June 6th, the Museum of Modern Art will host the “Party in the Garden”, its biggest annual celebration, honoring artists, celebrities, and…. billionaire oil barons?

While the MoMA promises to ‘lead on sustainability’, they have no problem doing business with climate criminals like Henry Kravis who are funding the death and displacement of millions.

Henry Kravis, who has his very own gallery at the MoMA, is the co-founder of KKR, a private equity firm funneling tens of billions into oil and gas projects that are threatening our future. KKR is responsible for the massive expansion of racist methane gas projects poisoning black and brown communities in the Gulf South. As if that’s not enough, KKR is also behind the Coastal Gaslink pipeline currently being built on Wet’suwet’en Indigenous territory in Canada, where land defenders are being violently repressed for fighting against the pipeline.

Clearly, Kravis doesn’t mind destroying Indigenous lands and vulnerable communities as long as he gets to enjoy his private jets and yachts, never having to think about all the lives he has ruined. Despite this, the MoMA honors Kravis by naming a gallery after him and even appointing his wife, Marie-Josée Kravis, to be the Chair of the MoMA. WHAT?!

It’s time for the MoMA to keep their promises on climate justice and break up with Henry Kravis.

Kravis has no place at MoMA galleries or the MoMA Party in the Garden, and the appointment of his wife as the MoMA Chair is insulting to anyone who wishes to have a future on a livable planet. It’s time to end Kravis’ greed and fossil fuel investments.

On June 6th at 6pm, we will gather outside the MoMA Party in the Garden to demand that the MoMA drop Kravis and stand by their climate promises. JOIN US for a rally to confront Henry Kravis as he walks into the MoMA party - it’s on us to hold Kravis accountable for his deadly investments!

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