National End Corporate Rule Call - May 2016

Start: May 25, 2016 9:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)


Your phone and computer: Phone: (605) 562-3140   Access Code: 754227#


I. Introductions/Mission – Stephen Spitz

II.Reports From The Left Forum:-Jann Campbell, Andrea Miller, Stephen Spitz

Panel I: Claiming The Ultimate Power-Amending The Us Constitution

Corporations Are Not People; Money Is Not Speech- Amending Citizens United Out Of Existence-Spitz
Voting As A Constitutional Right-Andrea Miller
Adding Equal Rights For Women To The Constitution-Eileen Davis

Panel II Neoliberalism,Globalization And The Privatization Of Everything
What Will It Take To Win Back The Government Of The People?

Privatization Of The Commons-Jann Campbell
Privatization Of Water And Healthcare-Donna Smith
Privatization Of Prisons-Andrea Miller
Trade As Worker Suppression Privatization/Deregulation Tactic-Celeste Drake AFL-CIO Globalization and Trade Policy
Privatization Of Elections-Mimi Kennedy

III. Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man Author, John Perkins' Main Speaker On Our TPP Call-How The International Corporate Power Elite Uses The CIA As Global Corporate Enforcers-Andrea, Celeste, Jann, Others

IV. Hill Report-Andrea Miller

  • TPP
  • Peoples' Budget
  • Post Office
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Supreme Court
  • Other

V. Upcoming PDANational Events/Conferences-Andrea, Steve, 1 Min

  • Peoples' Summit Chicago McCormick Place-June17-19
  • Progressive Central At The Democratic Convention Philadelphia July 25-28

VI Elections

  • Upcoming
  • California-Dr Bill,Dave Sonneborne,Judy Rice,Mike Goldman   4 Mins
  • Other Western States/Dc-Steve, Sean, Andrea Vanessa (Sd)
  • Past Primaries:
  • Using Local Resolutions And Issues To Build Our Movement -Stephen Spitz, Sean Barnett, Jann- 4 Mins

VII Announcements/Updates/Urgent Matters-Jann

Next Call June 22, 2016 9 Pm Est

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Ruther Glen, VA