Start: Friday, March 10, 202310:00 AM

Join the Invest in Our New York Campaign on Friday, March 10th at 10AM at Madison Square Garden (8th Ave and 31st St) to demand the state legislature reject Governor Hochul's billionaire budget & instead invests in working-class communities. Hochul's billionaire budget shortchanges our communities through:

  • A minimum wage proposal that means the lowest-wage workers in our state will continue to get crushed under rising costs;
  • A proposal on housing ignores the hundreds of thousands of homeless New Yorkers who need to be housed right now, and those at risk of becoming homeless. It ignores tenants and puts real-estate interests first;
  • A proposal on child care that continues to exclude undocumented children and leaves child care educators in poverty;
  • A proposal to raise the cap on charter schools taking critical public dollars from our public education system;
  • A failure to address programs of critical need, like the Unemployment Bridge Program or ensuring everyone in our state has access to health care coverage; and
  • Proposals to raise revenue through a regressive payroll tax, which will fall on workers, and through increasing taxes on tobacco, increased tuition for public higher education, and fair hikes on the MTA. All of these costs will fall on working-class people who are already bearing the brunt of inflation.

Governor Hochul's billionaire budget puts first the interest of her big-money donors like James Dolan, who maxed out his donations to the Governor, and benefits from a $42 million dollar annual property tax break for Madison Square Garden - depriving the local community from much needed public resources. The Governor has also enjoyed maxed out donations from real estate executive Steven Roth, billionaire investor Dan Loeb (a vocal Charter school proponent), and other billionaire donors with special interests. It's time to let the Governor know "NO TO YOUR BILLIONAIRE BUDGET, INVEST IN NEW YORKERS INSTEAD."