Demand No Tech For Apartheid at NYC Amazon Web Services Summit

Start: Wednesday, July 26, 202312:30 PM

On July 26th, Amazon Web Services will hold its annual summit in New York City, bringing thousands of “cloud enthusiasts” to the Javits Center for a day of “learning, networking, and collaboration.”

But Amazon’s technology isn’t being used to bring people together—it’s forcing them apart and enabling and entrenching apartheid, state violence, occupation, and land grabs through its billion dollar contract with the Israeli government and military.

For over two years, Amazon and Google workers have been organizing to end the Project Nimbus contract, which helps the Israeli government surveil Palestinians, expand illegal settlements, and inflict violence on Palestinians under siege and occupation. This year marks 75 years since the expulsion of over 75% of Palestinians from their land (referred to by Palestinians as "the Nakba," or "catastrophe" in Arabic), and tech workers and community activists remain unwavering in their organizing to ensure that Big Tech stops enabling the injustice and violence that began with the Nakba and that Palestinians continue to face to this day.

The message is clear: We refuse to allow business as usual as long as Amazon continues to profit off of the violence and repression that Palestinians face daily. Tech workers do not want to build technology used to enable Israel's oppression of Palestinians.

Join workers and community in New York City to say #NoTechForApartheid and show Amazon that we won't stay silent while they power violence against Palestinians.

Not in New York? Click here to learn how to take action.