Oakland-Laney Climate STRIKE Rally / Merging with Youth-led March in SF

Start: Friday, September 20, 201910:00 AM

Please join other Laney College and Oakland folks as we gather on the Quad at Laney to meet other Climate-Crisis Strikers, share information about the Green New Deal and the intersection of the climate crisis and systemic social inequities, and rally for political solutions!

-- Then, around 11:30, we'll embark via BART to join the rally led by Youth Vs. Apocalypse in San Francisco -- which will be marching to multiple locations to demand action from elected officials, governing agencies, and corporations who have been central contributors to the crisis we're facing.

-- Along the way, we will be sharing information with the community and urging them to step up with Sunrise Movement, 350.org, and the People's Climate Movement to demand a real response to the climate and justice crises that threaten us all.