October General Membership Meeting

Start: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 7:00 PM

End: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 9:00 PM

The big topic of discussion for this meeting is "The War on Gaza - How should DSA respond?" We know a lot of folks have a lot of strong feelings and ideas on this subject -- come share with your fellow DSA members in the spirit of collaboration and coming together to figure out how we can best show solidarity with people who are caught in the middle of this decades long occupation.

In addition to discussing the War on Gaza, we’ll also discuss our incredible victory in collecting the signatures to get Raise the Wage on the ballot in February 2024! Yes, that's right! We did it! All we are waiting on is for King County elections to certify the signatures. We’ll also discuss next steps in the campaign - because we’re not done! This was an impressive feat but we still need to win a $19/hour minimum wage.

There's much more that will be going on as well -- a presentation about an important supreme court decision that effects labor organizing, a presentation on how the Electoral Working Group will be shifting to a more forward looking, strategic orientation, and...FOOD! Yup, we’re resurrecting the tradition of bringing snacks and drinks for folks. If you want to help with that by bringing something, email info@seattledsa.org. Given that food is hard to eat with a mask on, we'll be asking everyone attending in person to either a) come with a photograph of a negative COVID test from that day OR b) be willing to take a (free) COVID test before entering the space. There will be canopies set up outside for those that want to eat outdoors as well.

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