Olympia Lobby and Rally Day - 5th Anniv. of Citizens United

Start: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 9:30 AM

Join us in lobbying and rallying for the Washington state legislature to call for an amendment using a sign on letter to be signed by the majority of each House.

Here is the schedule:

Gather at the State Capitol in the Pritchard Building's Washington Room (See SW Corner of MAP HERE):
9:30-11:00 Briefing on current amendment efforts, the sign on letter supported by Fix Democracy First! (READ HERE) and a short lobbying session on messaging and strategy.
11:00-2:00 Lobby your legislators. Call your legislators' offices to make an appointment or be prepared to stop at their office and speak with a staff member.
2:00 Regroup for debriefing and short rally. TBA
Click here to find your legislators and how to contact them.

We believe we can win this campaign and make Washington the 17th state to call for an amendment. But we won’t stop there - there is an exciting ballot initiative proposal in the City of Seattle for public financing and a likely statewide ballot initiative for an amendment in the works. Join us on the 5th anniversary to help us score what we hope will be one of a few wins in Washington state in the months to come!